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Welcome to Pogodo!

Pogodo is an inference engine. Instead of treating every query like a search, Pogodo attempts to infer what you want and reduce how often you see a search results page.

Example queries:

  • Keywords like facebook, twitter, bbc, yahoo, ebay will take you directly to those sites
  • youtube adele will bring you to adele videos on youtube.com
  • cnn will take you to cnn.com
  • ebay cameras will bring you to a search on ebay.com for camera
  • 90301 will bring you to a map centered on this zip code
  • #hashtags will show you tweets containing that hashtag
  • @username will show you this users twitter feed
  • facebook john doe will bring you to a search for John Doe on Facebook.com
  • tracking numbers will take you directly to the tracking info
Consider creating custom keywords of your own when you login. Many queries will still require searching, you can explicity specify a search using your prefered search engine by adding a ? to the end of any query, facebook?, for example.